Saints Row Max Level | What Is the Level Cap?

Saints Row‘s release has players running around a vast open world with many things to do as they build their criminal empire. As you go through your criminal story, you’ll gradually level up your boss. With every level, you’ll unlock new passive and active abilities. But where does it end? What’s the max level in Saints Row?

What Is the Max Level in Saints Row 2022?

What Is the Max Level in Saints Row 2022?

Saints Row 2022 has a max level cap of 20. You’ll earn a new skill each time your level increases, all the way up to the cap. After that point, there are no more skills to learn, and no further need to level up.

Surprisingly, the game’s leveling system is similar to a standard battle pass, with each level only unlocking a new ability for you to use. For example, the first ability you get is Pineapple Express. With this ability, you can drop a grenade in someone’s pants, then throw them into a group of enemies. While a little silly, it’s a useful ability, and one of the many you’ll receive while playing.

There are a few highlights down the path to max level. For example, you won’t be able to max out your health until level 15, or your flow meter until Level 20. Another interesting upgrade for players to use is the active ability called Transfusion. This ability is unlocked at Level 11. With Transfusion, you’ll be able to heal yourself and your friends by hurting other enemies in-game.

The leveling system rewards both passive and active abilities. While passive ones don’t require player intervention if you want to use them, active ones do. For that, you only have four slots to use, so as you level up, you’ll be able to swap in and swap out abilities as you continue your adventure.

The max level cap in Saints Row is 20 because it’s tied to the number of abilities in the game. Even though the levels could go past 20, you won’t receive any other benefits once you’ve unlocked your character’s full potential.

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