Saints Row New Game Plus | Can You Replay?

Saints Row is packed with trouble and activities for the Boss to prevail and conquer. With the Idols, Los Panteros, and The Marshall at odds with us, chaos always seems to be omnipresent in Santo Ileso. But what happens when you finish up the main missions? More importantly, is there a New Game Plus functionality for us to experiment with in Saints Row? It’s an open-world action game, so we placed our bets and found some helpful info for you to peruse.

Is There New Game Plus in Saints Row 2022?

Saint Row Is There New Game Plus

Unfortunately at this time, there is no New Game+ for the current Saints Row entry. However, your criminal empire doesn’t come to a close after the final mission. Instead, you’re given Santo Ileso all to yourself. Any remaining side missions, activities, stores, Collectibles, and police trouble can still be toyed with. In a way, the game doesn’t have to end unless you’re ready to move on to another save file.

There is a good chance that Saints Row will include some sort of New Game Plus progression. This is the type of open-world title where more can be explored through DLC additions and patches. More side quests and sights to see and have fun with. Besides, our level cap is only 20, so there’s definitely space for other Skills and Perks to acquire in the future. Plus, you’re basically already maxed out by the time you reach the final missions.

Let’s not forget that the Saints Row series has implemented extra downloadable content in the past. While some may be more absurd than others, players were always treated with DLC for their games. Therefore, we won’t be surprised if the aforementioned feature will be included at some point. There’s plenty of lore that can be fleshed out for Saints Row 2022 — only time will tell, though. Volition has confirmed at least three sets of downloadable content, but so far we’ve only received customization bundles. Still, the game was just recently released, so maybe they’re already planning something special for us.

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