Saints Row Pinata Launcher | How to Get

The number of fun weapons in Saints Row surprised us. Despite all of the advertising suggesting that this game was going to be a more serious romp, the game hasn’t lost the series’ sense of humor. This is seen in some of the challenges in the title. Completing everything that this game throws at you can really pay off! The Pinata launcher in Saints Row is a somewhat effective rocket launcher that’s more for laughs than anything. But, it certainly is more funny than any other explosive cannon you can muster! Let’s figure out how to get it.

How to Get the Piñata Launcher in Saints Row 2022

How to Get the Piñata Launcher in Saints Row 2022
In order to unlock the Pinata Launcher in Saints Row, you must first complete the ‘Let’s Pretend’ venture. This criminal venture is unlocked after you expand into their territory at Empire Tier 4 and requires several heists to complete. Once you complete, you don’t only get the Pinata Launcher, but also the Let’s Pretend outfits and Space Suit!

There is nothing very special about the Let’s Pretend costume emporium. Dressing to impress is always nice, but the actual venture itself doesn’t put up more capital than any other heist option. And its one of the last ventures that you can possibly improve into!

Despite not being a monetary or XP-heavy success, it truly is hilarious. The Pinata Launcher is designed to be a rocket launcher with a party-heavy flavor. The projectile attracts enemies beforehand, making it surprisingly effective at clearing opponetns. You’ll need multikills to unlock it’s signature “Ssssnakes!” Multikills are not too hard in this game, especially with a rocket launcher that has a good explosion radius. This signature skill, shockingly, summons snakes to attack your enemies when you fire a bomb. This makes the Pinata launcher a hilariously effective room clearing option. Unfortunate that you can only get it by spamming Ventures!

Hope this guide helped you find this awesome and hilarious weapon! Here are some other guides to unlocks in Saints Row so you can rebuild some street cred.