Saints Row Pugnus Sanctus Dei | How to Get

Saints Row is nothing without its ridiculous arsenal of goodies to obtain. The 2022 reboot dials back the absurdity for this time around, but we, the players, get to still have some fun. Since some weapons are here to just give us a laugh, the Pugnus Sanctus Dei delivers on that and then some. If you want to get your hand on these super-powered boxing gloves, we’ll show you just how.

How to Get Pugnus Sanctus Dei in Saints Row 2022

How to Get Pugnus Sanctus Dei in Saints Row 2022

The Pugnus Sanctus Dei is actually a prize that you’ll get from completing two Hidden History missions. Specifically, you’ll have to visit both St. Thomas Corvacho and Meeker Square. St. Thomas Corvacho is on the western end of East Providencia; Meeker Square is on the east side of Old Town West. All you have to do is go through them by activating their panels, which triggers snippets of Santo Ileso’s history. Once you complete both of these locations, the narrator will then award you with the Pugnus Sanctus Dei.

If you haven’t played a Hidden History mission, they’re basically puzzles that provide lore. Each location will have five panels for you to visit and press, where you’ll get to learn who Santo Ileso was. They’re definitely worth checking out if you want to learn more about the city’s past, coupled with getting the gloves themselves.

Since you’ve added a new weapon to your collection, visit a Friendly Fire weapons shop to equip the boxing gloves. From there, you can upgrade them and adjust some of the textures as you please. Wielding the Pugnus Sanctus Dei will replace your current melee weapon. And in fact, it goes by another name: The Holy Fist of God.

Padre Salazar and Bonus Round Achievement/Trophy

Now, it’s time for the good stuff. These intense boxing gloves belonged to Padre Salazar, a tough fighter who started to use them later on in his career. He’s also responsible for building the Church of St. Thomas Corvacho, who also went by the name of El Santo Ileso. The gloves essentially extend the punches from a slightly distant target. Delivering multiple combos with this particular weapon is insane, there’s almost no recharge or even stamina. You can literally stand in place and throw out punches without breaking your flow.

As a side note, you can utilize these new gloves to smash away at vehicles. Destroy one vehicle, and you’ll be awarded with the Bonus Round achievement/trophy. This is a direct reference to Street Fighter II, where the Bonus Rounds (or Bonus Stages) acted like optional fights. However, it’s you against a parked car. All you had to do was beat it up for a high score before you went back into the real action.

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