Saints Row Quantum Aperture | How to Get

The Quantum Aperture in Saints Row is another Skill that players can use during combat. You’ve probably seen it in action from some of the footage, so it’s definitely worth the trouble getting it. If you can recall, it’s a transparent wall of blue light that highlights enemies who are behind some cover. Thankfully for us, this Skill is unlockable through a side mission where experimental technology plays a big role in the game. If you’re already investing hours into Saints Row, acquiring the Quantum Aperture won’t be an issue.

How to Get Quantum Aperture in Saints Row 2022

How to Get Quantum Aperture in Saints Row 2022

You can unlock the Quantum Aperture by playing through the second Eurekabator! Criminal Venture mission. Completing the mission will reward you with the new Skill to equip. If you’re having issues navigating the Criminal Ventures board, Eurekabator! is part of the Criminal Empire Tier 2 set. It also comes with a giant price tag of $100,000. So whenever you’re ready to make that payment, head back to the board, buy it, then play through the first two missions. The first Alpha Test mission will gift you the hoverboard.

The second mission for Alpha Test will see your character interacting with the Quantum Aperture as they gun down targets. They’ll start with safety targets inside crates before moving on to Marshall’s men. It’s basically target practice, and it gives you plenty of room to experiment with the tool. Chloe Morris will check on your progress throughout the mission until she’s ready to have you hold on to the device. As a side note, its designation is under QA 99-5 mode S, which is what the game initially refers to it as.

Now, you have new tech to mess around with Santo Ileso! Since the Quantum Aperture works less like a rail gun and more like a rail window, we can catch our enemies off guard. With it, you’re able to shoot through nearly anything, including heavier enemy forces. In fact, you can unlock the “Armor Piercing” achievement/trophy by taking out a tank driver while using the Skill.

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