Saints Row Tornado Helicopter | How to Get

Looking for a way to navigate the skies in style? A helicopter is exactly what you’re looking for! But, the Tornado Helicopter in Saints Row is far from your standard vehicle. No, this machine is a full attack helicopter! This thing has missiles, guns, and impressive durability. If you’re wanting to tear up the streets from the sky, this is by far the best tool for you. But, this firepower won’t be free. If you want to get the Tornado Attack Helicopter in Saints Row, you’ll need to put in some hours!

How to Get Tornado Helicopter in Saints Row 2022

How to Get Tornado Helicopter in Saints Row 2022

The Tornado Attack Helicopter is located in the Prison area of Saints Row. The Prison is located on the western side of the map, and is a large rectangular structure. Break in near the southern side of the structure and check for any helipads before you get within the walls of the prison. There is a chance for you to find a Tornado Helicopter whenever you reload the map.

The Tornado Helicopter is actually called the “Advanced Helicopter” by the game’s definition. This helicopter can be grabbed early on, but you risk getting so close to the Prison. There are more helicopters in the northern side of the institution. But, the one helipad on the southern side of the building is the safest. Use Fast Travel to reload the map if you fail to find this attack helicopter.

Once you have it, you’ll have to head back to Saints HQ. Land it on the helipad and you’ll be able to spawn it whenever you have access to your vehicles. At this point, you are free to destroy it or do whatever you want with it! You can always get it back through the vehicle menu.

That being said, there is more cool stuff in Saints Row than a single attack helicopter! You have so many vehicles that you can collect that it can be hard to keep them all straight. Check out some of the options that we have on Guide Fall!