Saints Row | Where Are The Old Saints?

Players are invited to the city of Santo Ileso in the Saints Row reboot, an area that is vastly different than Stilwater and Steelport from the previous games. We have new enemies, activities, and missions to attend to, all in that familiar Saints Row fashion. With a new city also comes new friends, but we can’t help but wonder: where are the original Saints? Where’s Johnny, Shaundi, Pierce, and the other members of the 3rd Street Saints? We might have the answers you’re looking for with our notes below.

Where are the Original Saints in Saints Row 2022?

Where are the Old Saints in Saints Row

The old-school Saints will probably not appear in the new Saints Row game. This is due to the game’s status as a reboot, introducing new territory while maintaining the core gameplay. Players arrive in Santo Ileso as a young Boss character who starts up a different kind of chapter in the Saints. In fact, our main characters can’t recall who the original Saints were. When our team adopts the church as their HQ, there are no references to past chapters or characters. Therefore, we believe any original members will be absent for this round.

Our new members consist of Neenah, the getaway driver; Eli, the criminal with the smarts; Kev, the shirtless DJ with all of the connections; and Snickerdoodle, the feline mascot of the team in Santo Ileso.

There is a small chance that we’ll see a cameo down the line, however. With how bizarre the series is as a whole, we could see some familiar faces. Whether it’s a part of some secret end-credits scene or DLC, there’s always the possibility.

Developer Volition intended on creating the next game in the series to be more serious. In other words, they chose to dial back the humor in favor of re-balancing the franchise. Consider the events of the previous titles: aliens invaded Earth, Johnny got himself out of Hell, and we had to save Santa from a simulation. Things were getting out of hand, thus a reboot was eventually released. It doesn’t look like we’ll be fighting aliens again anytime soon, as well.