Salt and Sacrifice Co-Op | Does It Have Multiplayer?

Salt and Sacrifice is the latest rougelike to land on consoles, with a neon-inspired art style and deep RPG mechanics. If you’re looking to dive in, you probably already know that beating it solo won’t be a walk in the park. As such, a lot of players are curious about the Salt and Sacrifice co-op options, to determine whether multiplayer mechanics exist in the game. Having a partner in tow would help make things a lot easier, especially any challenging boss battles. So, does the game have co-op?

Does Salt and Sacrifice Have Co-Op Play?

Does Salt and Sacrifice Have Co-Op Play?

The good news is that Salt and Sacrifice does have co-op multiplayer. Even better, you can play with a friend either online or locally, so there are plenty of options if you want to team up with a friend.

Even better, actually getting into co-op on Salt and Sacrifice is quite straightforward. If you’re playing local multiplayer, simply plug in another input, tap a button, and it should recognize on your screen. From there, you can tackle the dungeons and battles with a friend in the same room, which makes things a lot easier. Even better, it doesn’t seem like enemy difficulty scales based on whether you have a co-op partner, so combat should be more forgiving.

Getting into online co-op in Salt and Sacrifice isn’t quite as easy. You’ll need to have already cleared the tutorial and unlocked the hub world called Pardoner’s Vale. Next, head to the co-op board next to the NPC Runereader Diedala, where you can load your character onto the servers, ready for co-op. Then, you can choose either to host or join a session, linking up with a friend nice and easily. You’ll need a password to get into a lobby, so you can either set one to share with friends, or get it from the co-op partner of your choice.