Scarlet Nexus Level Cap | What is the Max Level

The experience of leveling up in Scarlet Nexus is filled with long hours of explosive grinding and action. As you continue to face off against the Others, being at a higher level grants greater advantages during combat. And after all those hours of story and backtracking, you just seem to keep leveling up. So what exactly is the maximum level cap for Scarlet Nexus? Keep reading to find out how high you can go.

What is the Level Cap in Scarlet Nexus?

Scarlet Nexus Level Cap enemies

In Scarlet Nexus, the level cap is set at 99. It should go without saying, but that reaching the max level cap will take quite a long time. The amount of dedication required is solely for the players that grind games until they become dry. There’s no telling exactly how much time you’ll need to reach 99, but it’s certainly not going to be a one-and-done effort.

The road it takes to reach level 99 is an arduous one. During your sessions, the enemies you slay will drop XP, evidently. But that’s the only way. Brain Points are invested into the Brain Map, and that itself has a cap of 80. So, for the devoted player, farming XP will take hours until you reach level 99. In order words, killing enemies back-and-forth is the most sufficient and quickest way to reach that level cap.

Ways to Level Up Quickly

There are several methods to gaining more XP. Obviously, there’s the game’s story where completed phases equal XP. It goes hand-in-hand with finishing quests as well since they’re a part of the narrative, so fulfilling main and side quests should be a no-brainer. In addition to the story and its quest aspects, using Overkill on enemies will grant an XP bonus; activating Brain Dive will unleash extra points during a fight; defeating the Others means being rewarded with that fallen boss fight XP – always well-deserved after a fight. Of course, you can always backtrack to a previous area to kill the respawned foes.

Maxing out your Brain Map for Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall is your ticket to reach the level cap. Keep these notes in mind when engaging in combat, and the XP will start to flow through with ease. Just be ready to get really comfortable for all those hours of farming.