Is Scorn Multiplayer?

Scorn is slowly creeping its way closer and closer. This terrifying survival horror game promises to make things tricky for players. With visuals that only H.G. Wells could think of, you’ll be watching over your shoulder at every second. In a world as dangerous as this, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else to look over your shoulder with you? Like many survival games in the past, Scorn would be a great contender for multiplayer. However, survival horror and multiplayer rarely mixes well. Will it or won’t it?

Does Scorn Have Multiplayer?

Does Scorn Have Multiplayer?

Scorn will not have any officially supported multiplayer modes at launch. On release, the only mode that is known of is the story, which promises to be similar to other survival horror legends like Resident Evil. You will not have any way to work with a friend or friends to complete this horrifying title together.

Frankly, this is likely how the game is going to last forever. Multiplayer in a survival horror title like Scorn tends to make the game look significantly more comedic. Just see the later Dead Space titles for examples! These games are designed to be atmospheric, so having your friend make wisecracks all the time can ruin the point.

That isn’t to say there is no way we will get any kind of multiplayer experience here. Mods for games like this are possible, so there’s a chance for it to work in the distant future. Somebody would have to set up servers and code the network for the devs. This doesn’t often happen, so don’t wait up for it!

Scorn is still going to be an excellent experience, but you’ll need an Xbox Series X|S or a PC in order to run it. To start, this game will be a Game Pass title, so we will probably not see it on alternative consoles for quite a while.

Hopefully, this doesn’t keep you from experiencing Scorn! If you’re getting flighty about it, we can introduce you to a few more upcoming games!