Scorn FOV Setting | How to Change Field of View

The unsettling world of Scorn throws the player into a tough situation where they have to figure out everything on their own. There are no holding hands of any sort when it comes to this game, making the whole experience all the more challenging. While we may be on our own as we delve into this twisted universe, it helps to have adjustable settings on our side. This guide will go over the FOV (Field of View) setting, accessible via the game’s menu. However, looking through the settings is a little tricky at first.

How to Change FOV Setting in Scorn

How to Change FOV Setting in Scorn

To change your FOV in Scorn, first access the Settings menu of the game then select Controls — not Video. Next, choose the Camera setting that’s right below Controller. The following screen will present you with Sensitivity, Smoothing, Inverts for X and Y Axis controls, HUD, and FOV adjustments. While it may make sense for FOV to be a part of the Video category, this is where you’ll find the setting in question.

By default, the FOV is set to the far left of the bar, which proved to be a little discomforting while navigating through the world of Scorn. The game features such intricate and dark attention to detail that it becomes vital to realign some visual settings. We recommend steering clear from the far left of the FOV bar in favor of a more relaxing experience.

Of course, we don’t have to stop here. Scorn doesn’t involve high-octane action or anxious chases that requires quick shoulder turns. FOV merely adjusts your observable range by increasing or decreasing the general angle. If you experiment with the Sensitivity and Smoothing settings on the same menu page, then you can find a perfect balance for your eyes. The default should suffice, but it’s entirely up to you. Furthermore, the Video settings (found on the first menu page) contain Brightness and Motion Blur in case you need a couple more options to consider.

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