Scorn | How to Heal

Scorn is one of the newest survival horror games to grace the market. And does it really bring the horror! This game is hauntingly beautiful, in a way that few other survival horror games can say they are. But, it is also incredibly difficult, with a lot of danger lurking around every single corner. Enemies take a lot of resources to bring down… And that includes your health. If you want to heal in Scorn, you’re going to need to do a lot more than just hit a button and pray. No, you’ve got some busywork to do!

How to Heal in Scorn

How to Heal in Scorn

In Scorn, you can heal by pressing the E key or your controller’s right bumper button. However, to actually heal, you’ll need to refill your healing. Once you have the strange tentacle orb from the second structure of the game, you can recharge it through altars with an enclosure made for the orb. You can see how many charges of healing you have by aiming with your weapon and seeing the nodes above your health bar.

Despite being a game centered around ranged combat, Scorn asks a lot from your health bar. Knowing how to heal will be crucial as you’re expected to fight multiple enemies… And run for your life!

Unfortunately, healing is very, very minor. You don’t get many efficiency upgrades, and each charge of your orb will only give a fraction of a fraction of a health bar. Even when you first get your tentacle orb, you’re not going to have a single charge of healing.

Recharging is crucial to playing Scorn. You don’t have many safe rooms and you need to find these hole-filled structures if you want to survive more than a handful of fights. They are scattered around the map and quite rare, so be sure to check any safe areas for the refilling altars.

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