Screenshots from the Next Battlefield Game Leak

Battlefield 6’s reveal is closer than ever, but not all details are coming straight from the developers. Two images leaked online in recent days, supposedly from an upcoming reveal trailer from EA and DICE.

EA teased a new entry in the Battlefield franchise last month, and these leaked screenshots (via PC Gamer) forecast an imminent announcement. The first image appears to be from the player’s first-person perspective in the cockpit of a helicopter. Hit markers suggest they are firing missiles at a rocket about to launch in a stormy setting. The colorful HUD points towards a slightly futuristic setting, which was also teased by recent leaks.

The second leaked photo is more likely an in-engine cutscene, featuring several helicopters setting down on a war-torn island. It’s unclear whether the images are from the same map, but the storm above points towards this. It’s in line with the large scale, vehicle-focused combat that sets Battlefield out as a unique shooter series.

The presence of a storm in these photos also points towards a return of the ‘Levolution’ mechanic from Battlefield 4. This was where the map would drastically transform mid-match, with skyscrapers tumbling and rivers flooding. Of course, this would also be a move away from the historical settings of previous games – with Battlefield 1 set in WWI and Battlefield V set in WWII.

It certainly points towards a Battlefield 6 reveal very soon, even if not yet confirmed. From other leaks, we know America and Russia are the global superpowers in the near future setting. The campaign will focus on soldiers from other nations choosing a side in the conflict, and will supposedly harness co-op mechanics.

This all comes after DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson confirmed the game will launch solely on next-gen consoles and PC later this year. This will allow the game to greatly increase lobby sizes and “game-changing destruction”, taking all elements of the gameplay to the next level. Battlefield 6‘s official reveal is sure to occur in just a matter of time.