Sea of Thieves Captain of the Damned Guide

So, you want to meet Captain Jack Sparrow, do you? I don’t blame you. He is a legend for a reason! After completing The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, you can start up the third Tall Tale in the Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life expansion, Captain of the Damned. Since completing these tales can get you some really awesome cosmetics, there’s no reason not to keep going! Our quick guide will lead you towards the right spots so that you can keep on collecting treasure and new looks for your crew and ship.

How to Complete the Captain of the Damned Tall Tale

Sea of Thieves Captain of the Damned

The Captain of the Damned is the third Tall Tale in the A Pirate’s Life expansion. You’ll need to use Jack’s Compass to head towards the Sea of the Damned and the Blue Bayou, a shipwreck where Jack is supposedly hiding. Then you’ll need to do a bit of fighting as you solve some vision-based puzzles. Make sure you’re bringing your lantern with you because you’ll need it a lot!

The Blue Bayou and the Ghosts of the Bayou Commendation

After you put your rightfully earned Tall Tale treasure away for safekeeping, you talk to the Castaway to start the Captain of the Damned, just like all of the other Tall Tales. You’ll be given the compass once again, and be told to set sail for the portal near the outpost. This portal sends you to the Tunnel of the Damned.

Once you have control of your ship, sail in whatever direction that you want. You’ll eventually reach a green arc. Approach the arc to bounce off of an impenetrable green forcefield. Somehow, this will light some nearby torches, which will lead you towards the Blue Bayou, a big shipwreck. Be sure to check the compass occasionally if you’re worried about getting lost! It’ll point you towards the ship.

Climb into the Blue Bayou and head to the Captain’s Quarters. With your lantern out, grab the candle on the captain’s desk; the Flame of Souls. Get to the north of the ship, find the rowboat that should be nearby, and start rowing down north of the river. Climb out of the ship when you find a big wooden hut and your docked ship nearby.

Get into the hut, climb the ladder, and light two torches on either side of it. This will cause a few Souls to appear, all of them holding candles. Light the candle of any Soul whose candle is unlit. That will allow Tia Dalma to help you out, opening the green forcefield that blocked your ship in the first place. It’ll also get you the Ghosts of the Bayou commendation!

The Fort

To continue the Captain of the Damned Tall Tale, get back in your ship and head southwest, towards the tall tower. Park your ship at the dock, which is conveniently lit up for you. Light the lantern of the kind skeleton on the dock to give you a torch path towards the huge fort.

Light the four braziers in the middle of the area, around the well. Then, hop down into the well to find a Skeleton with a lockpick in the water. Get out and head into the large stone building across from the gate. The lockpick works on the gate, and you can climb the ladder once you’re inside. Before going all the way up, be sure to slash at the pulley and drop the crates that it’s holding! You’re going to go up those crates to cross the barrier that gets you to the stairs.

Climb the stairs and lower the cage using the pulley system. Hop into the cage; this is your ride into the top of the fort’s wall. Do some platforming to the right of your ascent. Climb the ladder at the end, head past the cannons, do a running leap across the gap, and you’ll come across yet another pulley elevator system. Keep ascending the wall!

Now, you should be near a lighthouse with a brazier. Light that brazier, then start directing the lighthouse’s beacon. You’re going to want to ignite the beacon slightly to the left of the lens. Then, light the one further to the left, near a mountain. Move it down a little for the third beacon, then a little bit more left for the fourth. The fifth beacon is a little more left, between two pillars.

The Phantom Raid and the Captain of the Damned

Now that you’ve lit the beacons, Phantoms are coming to beat you to Captain Jack. Beat the Phantoms until Black Dog Briar steps up to bat. Defeat him to get the Captain of Memories commendation.

Now that the Phantoms are gone, you can head to the two beacons that just lit up. Head there, and you’ll enter a cave that goes to Isla Tesoro. Dock there, and go right to the wall with cannons across it. Head up the stairs at the end, taking out any Phantoms you meet, to reach Black Dog Briar… Again. Taking him out will clear the Phantoms and will bring you to the last portion of the Captain of the Damned Tall Tale.

Head back to your ship and sail towards the newly lit beacons. The Beacons will lead you to a scrap involving Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman. All you have to do is sail towards them, between the beacons to find the tavern; the Cursed Captain. Jack doesn’t want to get out of the tavern, but Pendragon appears. Now, Jack will join you on your next adventure!

Sail back through the portal to complete the Tall Tale. Now, you can complete Dark Brethren. Whenever you’re ready, of course. Jack can wait.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is proving to be much more than a simple crossover event. There are a ton of new quests to play, a bunch of cosmetics to collect, and so much treasure to grab! Not to mention that you can have a legendary partnership with the one and only Jack Sparrow! If you’ve been looking for a reason to try Sea of Thieves, or need a reason to get back into it, there is no better time than right now! Be sure to grab it on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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