Sea of Thieves Siren Heart | How to Get

Sea of Thieves, the online multiplayer pirate romp, is storming the waves again. A new update introduced Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, and tons of new content. With a range of new quests for wannabe pirates to complete, here’s how to get the elusive Siren Heart.

How to Get the Siren Heart in Sea of Thieves?

Finding the three Siren Hearts is one of the final steps in The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale. It’s a pretty long quest based around Pirates of the Caribbean, and to continue through the level and progress further, you need to locate the Siren Hearts and place them on Siren Statues.

Usually, you’ll be able to find the Siren Hearts once you’ve defeated a wave of enemies. They often drop the Siren Heart as loot once a large group has been taken out. However, sometimes you can find them within the world too. The first one is in a cave where the ominous narrator leads you. A group of grunts will then descend on you, and a battle ensues. Once they’re all gone, the first Siren Heart will be yours.

To get the second Siren Heart, it’s a very similar process. As you’ve progressed through the cavern where the first was located, you’ll be swamped by a gang of Ocean Crawlers. As before, defeat them, and the last one will drop a Siren Heart. The last is located past this after you’ve encountered the Siren Queen for the first time. She’ll despatch a group of Sirens to attack you, and – you guessed it – the Siren Heart will drop once they’re all dead.

That’s where all the three Siren Hearts are located – there’s no more in the mission. From there, the pirate-based frolics of The Sunken Pearl continue – but with the elusive items in your possession.

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