Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Hits Kickstarter Goal Within Hours

Among all of the detectives, Sherlock Holmes stands as perhaps the greatest in all fiction. Evidence shows just how much clout he holds. The game studio Frogwares has put their title Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened up on Kickstarter only to have the goal surpassed within a day. The game appears to blend elements of both Lovecraft and Holmes, with Dr. Watson caught in the middle. This game has made a lot of attention being the result of Ukraine-based developers who have persevered in the face of a horrifying invasion. This game serves as a way to share what they’re going through.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened And Ukraine

It was earlier this year that Russian decided to invade Ukraine and many continue to suffer as a result. Though many citizens have fled Ukraine, some including those at Frogwares have remained and continued to work despite such circumstances. Even with war bearing down on them, the devs have managed to bring forth Sherlock Holmes The Awakened and sought support to make it happen. Like many indie devs, they turned to Kickstarter with the funding goal of €70,000.00 goal. It was launched this week on August 4th and met their goal within a matter of hours, currently sitting at €104,750.00 at time of writing.

Sherlock Holmes is nothing new, but The Awakened is aiming to tell a much more real story. Frogwares has created games with the world-famous detective in the past as well as the Lovecraftian The Sinking City, and this new title will combine them. What starts as a missing person case leads Sherlock Holmes to a dark and desolate location where a savage cult dedicated to Cthulhu is a growing threat. The game has gone through numerous graphic changes to serve as a metaphor for what Frogwares has and is going through while they continue to live and work in Ukraine.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened may be a detective story in the Lovecraft universe, but has already gained support worldwide in support of the creators. Now fully-funded and then some, Frogwares has hope that they can deliver a quality experience while they continue to endure invasion.