Should You Let Stephen Stay in Sun Haven?

Questing is one of Sun Haven’s main draws, especially because you never know what you’ll get yourself into. Nonetheless, when embarking on an adventure you should always expect to run into some sort of danger. For example, early in the game’s main story, Elios will task you with venturing into the east woods in search of a Glorite crystal. In your pursuit of that, you cross paths with a bandit named Stephen, and you have the choice to either let him stay in Sun Haven or not. So, should you let Stephen stay? Read on to learn what changes based on the decision you make.

Should You Keep Stephen in Sun Haven?

It makes no difference whether you decide to let Stephen stay in Sun Haven or not. This is due to the fact that neither decision has any consequences. If you show sympathy and let Stephen stay in Sun Haven, he’ll end up working in the Tavern for Mari and Ronald. You can talk to him, and he’ll thank you for giving him a second chance, but that’s it. Apart from feeling good about yourself, nothing else comes from allowing Stephen to stay in Sun Haven.

Should you let Stephen stay in Sun Haven?
Always be on the lookout for bandits and creatures in Sun Haven’s forest.

At the same time, there will be no consequences if you do not want Stephen to stay in Sun Haven and choose to cast him away. You just never see the character again. In all honesty, there’s a high likelihood he’s dead. So, if you don’t want to carry that guilt on your shoulders, you might want to let Stephen stay.

Regardless of which choice you make, there are no consequences. You won’t have any hidden repercussions from anyone in the village. Furthermore, you won’t gain any additional side quests from it, at least none that are known about. There’s always the possibility that one could be implemented later on. But as of the games 1.0 patch, nothing results from letting Stephen stay in Sun Haven or not.

So, we guess you could say it’s more of a feel good consequence if you let Stephen stay in Sun Haven or not. If you do, you can be proud of yourself for giving someone a fresh start. If you don’t, you’ll have to live with the fact that you probably killed him. Just try not to dwell on it too much.

Where to Find Glorite Crystal for Elios in Sun Haven

Where to Find Glorite Crystal for Elios in Sun Haven
There’s no place like home.

Sun Haven’s forests are vast and easy to get lost in. So, we don’t blame you if you got lost in the east forest while searching for the Glorite Crystal for Elios. You can reach the eastern forest by going past the tavern and across the bridge. Once you’re in the eastern forest there are four paths you can take going north. Evidently, you want to take the one that says “Glorite Cave”.

Follow the path north until you reach the Glorite Cave. Keep in mind, you’ll come across some bandits on your way there. You’ll either have to fight them or pay them off to get past them. Once you’ve bested them, you’ll soon reach the cave and can pick up the Glorite Crystal. Now you just have to make your way back and pass on the good news to Elios.

It’s also on your journey back that you come across Stephen and must decide whether to let him stay in Sun Haven or not. As previously stated, neither decision has any consequences. It’s mostly up to you whether you want to feel good about yourself or not. After all, he seemed sincere, so we think why not? What’s another body in Sun Haven?

Is Sun Haven Good Quality?

Sun Haven is of good quality if you enjoy games with pixel-style graphics. So far, the game is receiving very positive reviews on Steam.

What Platforms Is Sun Haven Available For?

Sun Haven is currently only available on macOS and Windows. However, the game is currently in development for Nintendo Switch, though no release date has been set.

Can You Play Sun Haven With A Controller?

Yes, you can play Sun Haven with a controller. However, it only has “Partial Controller Support”. As a result, some in-game directions won’t directly translate. Furthermore, some actions will need to be done with a keyboard and mouse.

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