Signalis Astrolabe Puzzle | How to Solve

Survival horror games aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea. However, when a unique and well-received title like Signalis is released, it’s difficult not to step outside of our comfort zone and give it a shot. This is true even if the game’s puzzles frequently stump us. Take the Astrolabe Puzzle, for example. This is one of the more perplexing puzzles in the game, even for astronomy enthusiasts. If it’s causing you problems, keep reading for the solution you need.

How to Solve the Astrolabe Puzzle in Signalis

How to Solve the Astrolabe Puzzle in Signalis

To solve the Astrolabe Puzzle in Signalis, you need to replicate the star map located in the Briefing Room with the Astrolabe that was placed in the Shrine Box. On the Astrolabe, you can rotate all the rings and their symbols, which represent the stars. There is one exception: the symbol in the outermost ring, which sits at the top of the Astrolabe. If you go back to your star map, the star in the outermost ring is Heimat. When Heimat rotates to the very top of the star map, make a note or take a screenshot to memorize the other planets’ position.

Going back to the Astrolabe, there are three rings with symbols on them you can rotate. These symbols resemble the ones on the Star Map. The first one is the big planet Rotfront, which is represented by the Circle on the Astrolabe. You want to rotate this twice to the left so it sits in the bottom left of the Astrolabe.

Next are the twin stars, Kitezh and Vineta, which are represented by the II symbol on the Astrolabe. You want to rotate this layer, once to the left so it sits in the top left. Last on the list is the star closest to the sun, Buyan, which is represented by the hexagon on the Astrolabe. Rotate this one twice to the right, so that it sits at the bottom right and is adjacent to the twin stars (II) positioning. Then, just press the white circle in the middle to complete the Astrolabe puzzle.

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