Signalis Blank Key Pattern | How to Solve Puzzle

Signalis Blank Key Pattern - How to Solve Puzzle

As you play through Signalis, you’ll learn that there are a lot of locked doors standing in your way. Considering that the facility has been overtaken by a mysterious affliction that has both biological and supernatural elements, it only makes sense that it would go into lockdown. Still, Elster is determined to find Alina and will need to brave the infection while opening all the doors she can. When she arrives in the Hospital area, there will be a huge door in the Waiting Room that requires five keys. One of those is the Blank Key that you’ll need to fill in.

How to Solve the Blank Key Puzzle in Signalis

How to Solve the Blank Key Puzzle in Signalis

The five-key door of Signalis requires the Blank Key which is located in the Flooded Store Room below the Hospital. You’ll need to get there and get the pattern to solve this puzzle.

First, head to the main corridor to the east of the elevator room. Go south and through the door on the west wall. You’ll enter a new corridor with a Replika walking around. Go through the door across from the Waiting Room to enter the Protektor Bathroom and grab the Pump Room Key from the dead Replika.

Go back to the corridor and through the lower east door to enter the Pump Room. The pump controls will be on the north wall. To lower the water level in the flooded part of the bathroom, the A and B tank levels match, and the C tank needs to be empty. The switches below each allow you to fill the water level of the tank following it. To solve the puzzle, use the following combination: A (up), B (down), C (up), B (down), A (down), B (down), and C (up). This will drain the flooded areas.

Return to the bathroom and jump down to the lower level and grab the Water Key. Leave the room to enter another corridor with another Replika. Go through the lower east door to enter the Flooded Store Room and grab the Blank Key. Enter the door across from the storeroom to reach a ladder that takes you back to the Hospital level.

Go back to the main corridor and enter the upper east door to enter a hallway. Go through the middle north door to find the X-Ray Room. Use the X-Ray and scroll to the D item and turn on the X-Ray imaging. It will show a key lodged in an object and a pattern on it, but make sure the darkened corner of the key is in the lower right. Take note of the pattern (screenshots help a lot) and go back to the main corridor.

Go through the north door and past the Save room to find a Key Printing Machine. Put the Blank Key into the slot then go to the monitor and click “Define Pattern.” Start with the top left node and recreate the X-Ray pattern. Then, click “Print Pattern” and you’ll have a complete Blank Key.

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