Signalis Classroom Safe Code | Wall Safe Combination

Signalis is a new horror game brought to the gaming scene by the devs at Rose Engine. It draws a lot of inspiration from the old-school horror titles of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Taking place in a sci-fi setting, you’ll be playing as a humanoid android called Elster as she explores a dark facility ravaged by a mysterious force as she looks for someone. Although you’ll have a weapon, survival and puzzle-solving are the main names of the game. As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually need to find the classroom safe code to progress the story.

Where to Find the Classroom Safe Code in Signalis

Signalis Classroom Safe Code

In Signalis, the classroom safe code is 204512. To find it, you’ll need to locate a keycard, which you can use to access a monitor that contains the code.

After you leave the ship and enter the new area, a cutscene will transition Elster to another facility. In order to continue your search, you’ll need to get a keycard which will require the classroom safe code. 

From the lobby, head into the next room and go through the north door to enter the first hallway. Go through the door immediately to your right and continue through the room until you reach the second hallway. The Classroom will be across from you.

Before you go there, go to the door at the end of the second hallway. A cutscene will play as Elster talks with another android called Star. Get the keycard from the chairs on the top left and head back to the room before the first hallway.

Go through the door on the top left using the keycard. Search the drawers for a gun and another card.

Go back to the first hallway and deal with the android that rises to attack. Shoot it three times to down it then go over and press “Interact” to finish it off. Head to the door at the end of the first hallway where you’ll meet another android called Isa.

After she leaves, put the card in the blue monitor on the left to get the classroom safe code.

Go back to the classroom, enter the code, grab the keycard, then head back to the room with Star and use it on the north door to progress.