Signalis Incinerator Puzzle | How to Solve

Just like other notable survivor horror games, Signalis has quite a solid focus on puzzles. Although navigating the different areas can be very dangerous, a lot of the puzzles have recognizable pieces that you simply need to find. They usually take on the form of pieces of paper with info, keycard, or unique types of technology. After you unlock the elevator controls on the second floor, you’ll have access to the third floor which is the Hospital. Among the puzzles here, one requires you to access the Incinerator Room so that you can mess with the machinery to get a key item.

How To Solve The Incinerator Room Puzzle in Signalis

How To Solve The Incinerator Room Puzzle in Signalis

The Incinerator Room puzzle in Signalis involves two incinerator chambers, one closed and the other open. To solve the puzzle, you need to open the closed chamber in order to get the Fire Key. To do this, you need to adjust the dials on the panel to the left of it.

Before that, you need the Incinerator Room Key. After you leave the elevator, go through the door on the east wall. This will lead to a hallway with a Replika in it. Go to the south and through the door on the left.

This will take you to the Waiting Room. It’s pretty much empty save for a huge door in the north and some empty seats along the walls. The seats opposite where you entered hold the SWORD Cipher. Read it and head back in the hallway.

Go through the door across from the Waiting Room into another hallway. There will be two Replikas here. Past them will be a door in the north wall that leads to the Nurse’s Station. This room has the SWORD Safe. Use the SWORD radio frequency and the Cipher to figure out the Safe Code to open it and grab the Incinerator Room Key.

Return to the main hallway, then enter the door across from where the elevator room is located. In this hallway, go through the door in the north wall on the right to enter the Morgue. You can go around the edge to avoid the Replikas and enter the Incinerator Room at the head of it.

Grab the Thermite Flares on the table to the left then go to the panel between the incinerator chambers. Turn the CO2 dial five notches to the left, the Gas dial five notches to the right, and the O2 dial eight notches to the left. Then, pull the lever on the right of the panel to turn off the active incinerator. This will let you open it to get the Fire Key.