Signalis Revolver | How to Get

Signalis is one of the most terrifying survival horror games in the modern era. This game is brutally difficult, and often rewards you for avoiding fights altogether. However, there are some battles that must be won through brute strength. If you need to clear out enemies, you’ll need to pack some heavier firepower. The Revolver in Signalis is hidden behind a lengthy puzzle despite being show to you early on. If you want to get this powerful weapon out of the x-ray machine, we can help!

How to Get The Revolver in Signalis

How to Get The Revolver in Signalis

To get the revolver out of the New Medical Ward in Signalis, you’ll need to get through Area B5 in the hospital. Once you get the Flashlight, you’ll be able to head to B7 to get the Hunter Key. Then, you’ll need to get the Weapon Case in B6 – Staff Accommodations and combine it with the key in your inventory. This weapon packs a huge punch, but has limited ammunition.

To get close to this area, you’ll need to open the 5-Lock door and defeat Mynah. You need to fix the Paternoster lift if you want to get this item, and the Flashlight Module will let you travel through the upcoming dark rooms. This will be important, since you need to be able to see to get the upcoming items.

The Protektor Archive is not accessible until you reach the southernmost part of the Area map on floor 2. Once you get into the dining room, you’re close to where you must be. Head west through the Protektor Office and then north to get your key.

Staff Accommodations are located in B6, which is on the third floor of the map. You’ll be heading up to the Shooting Range, which is on the North-eastern part of this floor. Be careful as you navigate this map! You have a lot of ground to cover, and very limited ammo.

Once you open the weapon case, you’ll have a really strong resource. The Revolver is huge for winning fights. Use it only when you have to!