Signalis Sword Safe Code | Where to Find

In addition to the slow pace of traditional horror games, Signalis also incorporates another familiar element: The Radio. This time around, it’s not being used to detect enemies or communicate with other characters, but rather as a puzzle-solving tool. Once you obtain it, it can be accessed from the sub-system menu where you can view your inventory. You start off with a range of frequencies that can be tuned to in order to gather the necessary data needed to open certain locks. Around the facility are numerous safes marked with specific symbols, such as a sword. In order to find the sword safe code, you’ll need the Radio and a Cipher.

Where to Find the Sword Safe Code in Signalis

Sword Safe Code

The sword safe code in Signalis is 28093. Unlocking the safe will give you the Eidetic Module and the Incinerator Room keycard.

After Elster drops through the hole in the first facility area, she’ll end up in a new one. Your priority is getting the Radio, but keep in mind that there will be many more infected Replikas around. Conserve your ammo and use stun prods if need be.

Once you arrive, go through the west door and call the elevator. When it arrives, go in and grab the Maintenance Key on the shelf. Then, head back to the previous area. 

From there, go through the north door. This will take you to a hallway, and at the end will be a locked door. Unlock the Miantenenance panel and then unlock the door by adjusting the blue teeth on the lockpicking device so they match up with the heights of the cylinders.

Go through to find three rooms and check each one to find items in the Office, First Aid Station, and Evidence Storage which has a locked Butterfly Box. Grab the East Wing keycard and unlock the door to the right. 

This will lead to two doors on the north wall, but you’ll want to go through the door at the far right on the south wall. This will lead to the Kitchen that has a locked door to Mensa. Deal with the Replika and go south into the Pantry. Grab the Mensa keycard and go through the door.

There will be two Replikas in Mensa. Either avoid or fight them, but go through the door to the south. This will lead to another area with several doors. Go through the door against the wall on the right to the Rationing Office. Grab the West Wing keycard, leave, and go through the south left door.

This will be a Bathroom with a Broken Butterfly key. Grab it, then head back to the elevator area and unlock the West Wing.

Go past the mine shaft and through the north door and into the Locker Room. Leave through the north door to reach the Showers with the second half of the Broken Butterfly Key. Combine them and continue out the door to the right.

Make your way through the rooms, fighting any Replikas until you reach another corridor with two doors on the north wall. Check the door on the left for a bloodied room with a list of frequencies.

From there, you can travel east back to the Butterfly Box so you can unlock it. Pick up the artifact inside and you’ll find yourself in a new area.

In first-person mode, investigate the room on the right and grab the Radio from the computer desk. Go back outside and tune your Radio to the frequency on the lock to return to Evidence Storage.

With the Radio and the list of frequencies, you’ll get the Safe codes you need based on what symbol is on the Safe. Use the TREE frequency code to unlock the Safe in the Office and get a Protektor ID Card. Use this to unlock the elevator controls and go to Floor 3.

When you arrive, go through the door to the far right. This will take you to a head of a hallway with a Replika wandering around. Either avoid or kill it as you head south and then go through the left door into the waiting room.

There will be a piece of paper called SWORD which will have a Cipher corresponding to the code from the SWORD frequency. This will reveal the sword safe code, 28093, which corresponds to NFEKB using the Cipher. Go back to the hallway and enter the door across from the Waiting Room.

This will take you to another corridor with a lot of doors and two Replikas. Go through the door on the far right on the north wall to enter the Nurse’s Station. The sword safe will be on the north wall. Enter the alphabetic sword safe code to receive the Eidetic Module and the Incinerator Room keycard.