Skyrim | How to Recharge Weapons

Skyrim is a game with a lot of intricacy to it. One of the more awkward aspects to the game is magical weapons. Enchanting a weapon will give you access to a ton of damage and utility. But, it will also give you a durability meter. These enchantments will slowly drain over the course of the weapon’s use. Fear not, though! You can recharge enchanted weapons in Skyrim so you may continue using them! Let’s go over how this works.

How to Recharge Enchanted Weapons in Skyrim

How to Recharge Enchanted Weapons in Skyrim

In order to recharge your enchanted weapon in Skyrim, you first need to have a soul gem containing a trapped soul. You can get this type of item randomly in the world, or use the “Soul Trap” spell to capture a soul within the gem. Once you have the soul, go to the item that you want to recharge and press the console’s button (Right Bumper, Right Trigger, or T) to select the soul gem that you want to charge. This will destroy the Soul Gem and grant you charge back.

Enchanting weapons is a major part of the Conjuration school of magicka. Learning Soul Trap, an Apprentice Spell, will be exceptionally useful for standard Skyrim runs. You want to be able to refill soul gems over the course of your dungeoneering career, provided you want to make good use of magic weapons.

Recharging a weapon refills the bar underneath the weapon. The amount it refills is based on the size of the soul and the power of the enchantment. For instance, a Petty soul will only grant a small amount of charge for stronger enchanted weapons.

Unfortunately, the process of recharging your magic weapon will destroy your soul gem. Thankfully, the Black Star exists! This item acts as a soul gem that can constantly be filled and emptied without being destroyed. This is a possible reward for completing the quest “The Black Star,” which can be started at the statue on top of Winterhold Hold.