Skyrim Player Eats Paralyzing Jelly To Avoid Fall Damage

With The Elder Scrolls VI still far in the future, players are somehow still discovering new things about Skyrim. Most recently, a player has discovered an unusual glitch to completely negate fall damage. Since Skyrim is a very mountainous region full of dragons, players often find themselves at high altitudes. Usually, the only safe way down is a slow climb. As it turns out, by eating Netch Jelly before you hit the ground, you can land unscathed.

Get Stunned While Falling Through Skyrim

Who needs godmode when you have Netch Jelly?
by u/Doggsen09 in skyrim

Though originally released in 2011, Skyrim remains one of the most popular entries in The Elder Scrolls series. Players are still finding new ways to break or exploit the game as others create mods to provide unique experiences. Even after all these years, new ways to break the game are being found with the Netch Jelly glitch being the most recent. As demonstrated in a video clip, when the player character is falling they still have access to their inventory. At the last second before they hit the ground, the player can consume the Netch Jelly inducing the Paralysis status effect which somehow negates all fall damage no matter how high they were.

The Netch Jelly Glitch is just the most recent to join Skyrim‘s collection of exploits. One of the most infamous is the Platter Glitch which allows players to pass through walls and other obstacles by using this innocuous item. Another well-known and extremely useful one involves going to the Tomb of Jurgen Windcaller and spamming the Activate prompt in order to get a bunch of free Dragon Souls. As it stands, both of these glitches are still active in various versions of the game.

It’s unknown whether there are any future plans for Skyrim. All the same, players are still finding new things to enjoy about the game. The Netch Jelly glitch is unlikely to be the last, either. It’s surely only a matter of time before another unusual exploit is discovered.