Skyrim Quill of Gemination Location | Where to Find

Besides choosing between the Stormcloaks and Imperials, there is no limit to the number of guilds you can join in Skyrim. As a result, many players try to immerse themselves in as many factions and their side stories as they can. Among those available, the Thieves Guild is one of the most intriguing. In this group, you can expect to conduct a lot of snooping in search of quest-specific items. One item you’ll eventually need to seek out is The Quill of Gemination in order to complete “The Pursuit” quest. Its whereabouts are causing many player’s a headache, so read on to learn where you can find it.

Where to Find the Quill of Gemination in Skyrim

Where to Find the Quill of Gemination in Skyrim

The Quill of Gemination in Skyrim can be found in Vald’s Strongbox, which is hidden deep in the lake at the Riften Fishery. That’s right, you’ll need your swim trunks and snorkeling gear for this one. First, you’ll want to fast travel to the Riften Fishery. Continue northwest up the coast until you reach the point where you see a couple of small islands that break off the coast (this is not very far from the main docks). To better line yourself up, you should be standing on the coast in the middle of the two boats docked at Riften Fishery and Goldenglow Estate.

Now take a deep breath and make your way into the water. Just off the coast from this location you should find a sunken boat and a lock box resting in front of it; this may require some searching. Nonetheless, once you’ve found it you’ve located Vald’s Strongbox. However, you need to pick the lock to acquire the Quill of Gemination from it. Unfortunately, this is an expert-level lock, so make sure you come prepared with backup lock picks.

Once you unlock Vald’s Strongbox you’ll find the Quill of Gemination in it. Now you can return the quill to Maven and free Vald of his debt. That’s all there is to it!

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