Skyrim Soul Gems | How to Fill

Skyrim is full of creative and powerful magical weapons that are great to play around with. However, all of these weapons have a charge, and they become useless if that charge runs out. Thankfully, there is one way to restore their charge, and to make magic weapons of your own! Soul Gems are critical parts of the weapon system of Skyrim, and thus knowing how they work is important for the late game. If you’re wanting to maximize enchanted weapons in Elder Scrolls V, we can help you out!

How to Fill Soul Gems in Skyrim

How to Fill Soul Gems in Skyrim

If you have empty Soul Gems in Skyrim, you can fill them through the Soul Trap conjuration spell or Enchantment. Soul Trap is an Apprentice level Conjuration spell that fills a soul gem in your inventory. The Soul Trap and Fiery Soul Trap enchantments are found on random weapons in the world. Once you kill an opponent that is effected by the Soul Trap debuff, they will fill a soul gem of the appropriate size.

Soul Trap and the Soul Trap Enchantment apply a debuff to a targeted opponent. If they die, they will fill a soul gem of the soul’s size or higher. There is no other way to fill a Soul Gem, so either level Conjuration or find some enchanted weapons.

There are five Soul Gems: Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, Grand. Each one is a container, and a larger Soul Gem can hold a smaller Soul. A petty Soul is something like a Skeever, while a Grand soul might be a dragon. You must spend a Soul Gem filled with a Soul to enchant a weapon or recharge an enchanted weapon. The larger the soul, the more charges you will give the weapon or recharge the weapon with. The Soul Gem will then be destroyed, unless you are using the Azura’s Star or the Black Star soul gems.

The Azura’s Star and Black Star are special Soul Gems, able to hold White and Black souls. So, these can be handy for someone who wants to constantly trap souls. Each of these is found during the quest “The Black Star,” but we’d recommend The Black Star if you end up getting the choice.