Skyrim Straw Location | Where to Get

The Skyrim Hearthfire expansion adds an extra layer of customization and expansion by letting players build their own houses. However, the main focus of actually building a house is gathering the materials. One of the materials you’ll need most often is straw. And while that might seem like a common commodity, it’s not as easy to acquire as you might think. Here’s where to get straw in Skyrim.

Where to Get Straw in Skyrim

Where to get Straw in Skyrim
Strangely enough, straw is a material that can’t be found in the wild, nor as a quest reward. Instead, if you want to get your hands on straw, you’re going to have to visit the nearest general store. Every general store in Skyrim has straw for sale.

So, what can you do with straw? Well, there are a few choices. The first thing you can do is build an archery target. This is good for players who want to improve their aim. Archery targets also make for a good decoration for your armory. Another thing you can use straw to create is Apiaries. These can only be crafted at the Lakeview Manor homestead. Apiaries have a more useful function than the Archery targets, as they’re used to breed bees and produce Honeycomb. Honeycomb is also used in the creation of potions and alchemy. So, if you’re a player who likes to make potions (and perform the restoration loop), Apiaries are for you.

Finally, you can use straw to make a bed. Beds allow you to rest and pass the time. Since there’s no debuffs for not sleeping, some players forget to sleep in game. But, sleeping in a bed will grant you the rested buff, which increases XP gain by +5 for eight in-game hours. If you sleep in a inn or in a bed you own, you’ll gain a 10% XP boost. If you happen to sleep in the same building as an NPC you’re married to, you’ll recieve a 15% XP boost.