Sonic Frontier Slot Machine Minigame | How to Play

Sonic Frontiers includes many familiar puzzles and minigames from previous titles. However, most of them have their own spin on things, which causes them to play quite differently than you may remember. For example, you may recall a slot machine minigame from previous Sonic games, but don’t remember stars shooting out of the sky when it occurs. That’s why the slot machine minigame in Sonic Frontiers can be a bit confusing. If you want to know exactly how to play this latest version, read on to find out!

How to Play the Slot Machine Minigame in Sonic Frontiers

How to Play the Slot Machine Minigame in Sonic Frontiers

The slot machine minigame in Sonic Frontiers activates when the Starfall event happens. This event randomly occurs once every few nights, and begins with a cutscene showing shooting stars falling to the ground. After the cutscene, you will notice a three-reel slot appear above you, in the middle of your screen. You’ll also notice beams of light in the sky, indicating where the stars landed. You power the slot machine with the falling stars that are scattered across the open world.

So, each star you pick up that’s landed around the open world will grant one roll. You tend to accumulate stars and stack spins quickly, so quickly that the slot machine can’t keep up. So try not to focus on the slot, just focus on collecting as many stars as possible. The slot machine, on the other hand, will have two symbols beneath the reels. The one on the left that looks like a crystal indicates how many stars you’ve collected or how many spins you have left on the slot machine.

Purple Coins is the symbol on the right. When you match three symbols on the slot, your Purple Coin balance will increase. These Purple Coins can be used to go fishing with Big the Cat, earning you resources that you can trade for tokens, and thus tokens can get you a variety of useful items.

So, to recap, the slot machine minigame is all about collecting as many stars as possible in order to obtain spins; the more spins you obtain, the more chances you have of lining up three symbols in the slot and earning Purple Coins. You can then use Purple Coins for the fishing minigame with Big the Cat, which can earn you various resources and tokens that you can trade for valuable items.

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