Sonic Frontiers Chaos Emeralds | How to Get

Chaos Emeralds have been around in the Sonic lore for as long as fans can remember, and Sonic Frontiers brings them into the spotlight once more. This time around, Sonic needs to collect Chaos Emeralds that are scattered throughout the five Starfall Islands during his journey to find his friends. While players naturally obtain these items through mini-games and side quests, the game provides another useful route for us. To see how you can get more Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers, we invite you to read on.

How to Get Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers

How to Get Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers

You’ll need to acquire Vault Keys from the Cyberspace levels to unlock the various Vaults found throughout the game. These Vaults are the locations where the Chaos Emeralds are being held. If you deposit the necessary amount of Vault Keys into the respective Vault, the item in question will be then given to you.

The Cyberspace levels come with a set of five missions that vary in goals. They are: Reach the goal, Clear the Rank S Time (this changes as each level), Clear with (x amount) Rings, Find all Red Stars Rings, and Clear all 4 missions! Each will reward you with a Vault Key. Upon completing all of them, you’ll receive three additional keys.

Evidently, you’ll progress through the Cyberspace levels on multiple attempts as you complete each challenge. Don’t fret, though. Enduring multiple playthroughs will provide you with extra Vault Keys, prompting Sonic to collect more before approaching a Vault. Once you have enough Vault Keys in your inventory, simply interact with a Vault to unlock its respective Chaos Emerald.

Locating the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers shouldn’t be a problem if you’re out there looking for them. Their radiating beams of light can be seen from a distance, making them fairly easy to spot. Be sure to grab as many Vault Keys as you can while making your way through the main narrative. It’ll help with acquiring Chaos Emeralds early on without resorting to last-minute activities.