Sonic Frontiers Gets New Gameplay Trailer

There hasn’t been much news of a new original Sonic game since the announcement of Sonic Origins. However, Sega has just released footage showcasing new title called Sonic Frontiers, which was first revealed in December 2021. This announcement was made from the @sonic_hedgehog Twitter account earlier today with a short clip showcasing some cinematics and gameplay.

Sonic Frontiers Gameplay In The Third Dimension

The new entry appears to be another 3D title placing the blue blur in a huge lush world. While the tweet has already gained loads of attention, there’s no mention of a release date just yet.

While Sonic’s speed mechanics worked well for the early days of gaming, Sega and Sonic Team have consistently struggled with making them work in 3D. A common complaint is that Sonic moves too fast in contained environments that are difficult to predict. Thankfully, Sonic Frontiers may aim to address that. In the few segments of gameplay, it’s clear to see that Sonic now has a huge open world to explore. Even better, that’s without having to worry about sudden pitfalls and spike traps. This would allow players to truly take advantage of Sonic’s sharp movements and tremendous speed.

Despite this, Sonic has had elements of open-world games before. The Sonic Adventure series and a number of other one-off titles like Sonic Lost World and Sonic Unleashed all featured exploration-based areas. Even so, the areas frequently served as hubs and ways to transition between the game’s actual levels. Sonic Frontiers appears to have a truly open world, instead of one that merely functions as such. Sonic will be able to move freely between exploration, combat, activities, and missions.

From the ending of the clip, Sonic Frontiers is gearing up for a big release across all the major online platforms and consoles. There’s still plenty of mystery to the game’s content and mechanics, but fans of Sonic the Hedgehog will simply need to wait for future updates from the developers.