Sonic Frontiers Infinite Boost | How to Unlock

As long as we’ve known the character, Sonic has always impressed us with his lightning-fast moves. And there really is no limit to Sonic’s speed in Sonic Frontiers, especially when you activate his Infinite Boost. This ability grants Sonic a speed boost that doesn’t deplete his stamina bar, but it is only active for a limited time. Regardless, Infinite Boost is a great way to put Sonic into overdrive and quickly travel around the map. We’ll show you how to unlock it in this guide.

How to Unlock Infinite Boost in Sonic Frontiers

How to Unlock Infinite Boost in Sonic Frontiers

To unlock and activate Infinite Boost in Sonic Frontiers, you need to make an infinity symbol (∞) with your Cyloop ability. If you do it correctly, an infinity symbol will appear next to your boost meter, allowing you to boost momentarily without depleting your stamina. Although Infinite Boost will eventually deactivate after a few minutes, the good news is that you can reactivate the ability immediately after it expires. Simply draw another infinity symbol with your Cyloop ability to return to Infinite Boost. Essentially allowing you to activate it infinitely.

We know that while this may be the fastest you’ve gone in the game, some of you still want to push Sonic’s speed barrier. So, just like in old Sega games, you can get an additional speed boost by collecting the maximum number of rings possible. This will enable Power Boosting, which you can combine with Infinite Boost to increase Sonic’s speed. However, once you lose the rings, you will no longer be able to get the additional speed boost with Power Boosting.

This is a perfect in-game hack to travel around the map quickly, especially when you don’t have fast travel scrolls. And since you can reactivate it over and over, this will most likely be your go-to way to travel around the game’s open world.

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