Sonic Frontiers | Is It Coming to Game Pass?

The blue hedgehog is racing to the release date of Sonic Frontiers will lightning speed and anticipation. Soon, players will be able to play as Sonic in a new open world that’s fresh to the franchise. With wide-open landscapes to explore and enemies to defeat, there’s plenty of ground to cover as we take on the role of the anthropomorphic protagonist. Since Sonic Frontiers is coming to a few major platforms, including Xbox and the Switch, can we expect it to launch on the Game Pass subscription service as well?

Is Sonic Frontiers Coming to Game Pass?

Is Sonic Frontiers Coming to Game Pass?

Sonic Frontiers will not be a part of the Xbox Game Pass library, at least until further notice. This may change somewhere in the near future, but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. With this title acting as Sonic’s next big adventure, it’s highly unlikely to see it in the online catalog at launch.

Still, there’s a bit of hope that it could appear on the subscription service since Sega is the publisher behind the title. They have a massive library of franchises that date back to the 1980s, which includes the titular hedgehog, Football Manager, The House of the Dead, Persona, Streets of Rage, and many more. While we do see these games on Xbox consoles, we barely get to experience them through a Game Pass subscription. Recently, we’ve seen Humankind and Two Point Campus join the roster of other titles in Microsoft’s gaming service.

Sega, along with other well-known publishers, will share a number of their games with Game Pass without adhering to chronological releases. This means that players might have access to either earlier or later titles within a series just through what’s being offered in the service. It’s a limited approach, but there’s always a chance that Sega will provide more titles down the line, with the provided interest from critics and fans.

Of course, Sonic Frontiers is a highly-anticipated installment. Other big Sega titles are on the online service, and the Sonic game in question could make a surprise appearance one day. Xbox Game Pass oftentimes announces upcoming games along with a few last-minute additions that might fly over the general player’s radar. In other words, Sonic Frontiers is not on Game Pass, but that could one day maybe change.