Sonic Frontiers M-047 Solution | How to Complete

Racing through Sonic Frontiers is a very unique experience in a Sonic game. With a huge open world to explore, there are many puzzles that you can solve. Many of these are simple walking puzzles or rhythm games. But, some are more complex or strange. And since none of them come with instructions, you can be stuck on one of these for a long time! M-047 is a puzzle in the desert environment, located in the center of Ares Island. If you’re wondering how to complete this puzzle, we can help you out!

How to Complete the M-047 Puzzle in Sonic Frontiers

How to Complete the M-047 Puzzle in Sonic Frontiers

To start the M-047 Puzzle in Sonic Frontiers, you must begin by making a Cyloop around the stone structure that holds a hole on the top. This will spawn two floating rings and a large orb. Your goal is to launch the orb through both of the rings within the time limit. Your best bet is to use the Homing Attack on the orb from a specific angle.

For the higher orb, you can simply aim from the ground. The ball is effected by gravity, so you’ll need to make it arc into the upper ring. No jumping required! Just adjust your downwards angle so the ball gets all the way there.

The bottom ring is just as tricky. Jump a bit away from the orb and wait until you are about in-line with the orb. You want to homing attack so there is a line between Sonic, the Orb, and the top of the bottom ring. That’ll let the ball arc towards the bottom ring.

You do not need to knock the ball through both rings within the same timer. And you can do the puzzle however many times that you’d like. So, practice your homing attack angle! This isn’t the only puzzle in the game that will require a well-aimed homing dash.

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