Sonic Frontiers Nintendo Switch File Size Revealed

We may still be a few months away from the release of Sonic Frontiers, but key information is already starting to emerge. The most recent revelation is details on how big the game will be on Nintendo Switch. The hardy console isn’t known for having the largest storage, unless you invest in a microSD card. As such, details on the game’s size are crucial for those looking to play the game without having to delete all their other data.

Nintendo eShop Reveals Sonic Frontiers File Size

Sonic Frontiers Nintendo Switch

Yes, according to a newly discovered listing on the Nintendo eShop, we now know how much space Sonic Frontiers will require. As per that storefront, you’ll need 10.3 GB of free space to download it. For context, the racing game Wreckfest requires 10.7 GB, while this year’s Kirby and the Forgotten Land takes just 5.7 GB. Some games are even smaller, with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football needing just 2.1 GB.

Comparatively then, Sonic Frontiers is a fairly sizeable game. The base Nintendo Switch model has 32 GB of internal storage, prior to any microSD expansions. Therefore, you’ll need to clear a lot of space to download it. However, this 10.3 GB is still likely to be much smaller than the other console versions of Sonic Frontiers. This Switch version will almost definitely be toned-down in terms of size to configure with the Switch’s reduced processing power.

Nonetheless, Switch owners hoping to play Sonic Frontiers will definitely want to take a look at their current console storage. It could easily be necessary to clear some space to ensure you can download it at launch. Of course, this only applies to the digital download version of the game. If you get the physical cartridge version, that’ll take up less than 1 GB of save space.

Either way, it proves that Sonic Frontiers is one of the hedgehog’s most ambitious adventures yet. Just make sure you’ve got enough room on your Switch to actually play it!