Sonic Frontiers Tombstone Puzzle Solution | How to Solve

Before moving on from the Kronos Island in Sonic Frontiers, players are met with a new puzzle. Entitled A Grave Mystery, Sonic must first solve this particular puzzle by realigning lights into the right positions using tombstones. While the playfield does provide visual context to refer to, we’ll show you how you can solve this tombstone puzzle. It’s fairly quick to complete, so if you’re itching to get this section done and over with, be sure to read on with our guide.

How to Solve the Tombstone Puzzle in Sonic Frontiers

How to Solve the Tombstone Puzzle in Sonic Frontiers

To solve A Grave Mystery, Sonic will only need to move the black tombstones to ensure that the lights are pointing in the right direction. There are four rotatable ones, each abiding by a navigational point for North, East, South, and West. Keep in mind as you rotate these tombstones that toggling one of them will trigger another to move with it. This is merely a part of the process, so don’t be entirely thrown off if the lights don’t appear to be shooting correctly.

Here is how the tombstones should be set for this puzzle:

  • West Tombstone: Turn toward the northwest positioning.
  • East Tombstone: Shift the light toward the southwest direction.
  • North Tombstone: Move the light move toward the south with a slight tilt to the left.
  • South Tombstone: Repeat North Tombstone for a south/southwest alignment.
  • West Tombstone Again: Return to the west one then move the light northwest.
  • East Tombstone Again: Finally, return to the east one then rotate it west with a slight tilt going down.

Aligning these lights will ultimately bring the puzzle to a close. The intense ray of light will race from its starting to the finished line, thus prompting a cutscene to signify its completion.

And there you have it! Once you solve this tombstone puzzle, you’ll be on your way to the next area of the game. If you’re looking for more Sonic Frontiers guides, we got you covered right here with Sonic’s infinite boost and fast travel access!