Sons of the Forest Camouflage Suit | Where to Find

Crash-landing onto a remote island in Sons of the Forest is already insane as it sounds. Not only will we rely on survival instincts but vicious cannibals and mutants lurk behind the dark woods, watching over us. However, Virginia is one inhabitant that greatly separates herself from the others. Firstly, she doesn’t attack us. Secondly, she’s quite sweet once you get to know her. And thirdly, she’s a badass with a shotgun! But if you’re growing weary of her current basic appearance, you can replace it with the camouflage suit in Sons of the Forest to give her a new look!

Where to Find the Camouflage Suit in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Camouflage Suit in Sons of the Forest

Survivors in Sons of the Forest can pick up Virginia’s camouflage suit by visiting the abandoned red kayak on the northwest side of the island. It will be quite close to the shoreline, amid some rocks and a lonely portable propane tank. The outfit is sitting inside the kayak, folded and ready to be looted.

Upon acquiring the new camouflage suit, you’ll quickly discover that neither you nor Kelvin can put it on. Indeed, only Virginia has the right to wear this unique piece of concealed clothing. And as you can quickly see, the suit wonderfully blends in with the forested environments. Deep and darkened woodland areas are abundant in the game, and the enemies can naturally blend in with the creepy environments.

With this in mind, be sure to not attack her when trouble is surrounding you. Due to the strict color patterns, she can easily be mistaken for an enemy without registering a second thought. It’s always good to keep an eye on your GPS device to pinpoint the locations of your companions. Therefore, we recommend giving her a GPS locator, just to know exactly where she’s at in the game. Her color indicator is green, with Kelvin’s icon distinguished by a blue color and trail.

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