Sons of the Forest Cross | How to Get

Despite being stranded in Sons of the Forest, you’ll quickly discover that starvation and hunger aren’t your biggest threats. Although these can surely end your game, you ought to be more concerned about the cannibals, mutants, and demons that lurk in these woods. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry a gun or melee weapon with you at all times, but those won’t help if you come across a demon. The best defense for this enemy variant is a crucifix, or, simply put, a cross. Read on to learn where you can find one.

How to Get the Cross in Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Cross in Sons of the Forest

There are two locations where you can get a cross in Sons of the Forest. The first and most known place to get a cross is at the mossy bunker. You can find it located along the coast, on the east side of the snowy mountain. Do note that you’ll need the Maintenance Keycard in order to access the bunker.

Once you’ve used the Keycard, take a left past the first door and down the stairs. You’ll want to go down four flights of stairs before you can take a left through a door into a very long corridor. Continue down this corridor until you reach another door at the end, where you’ll turn left down more stairs. This time, only go down two flights of stairs before taking the door on your left at the bottom. Now proceed all the way to the end of this corridor and turn left at the doorway.

We know that’s all very repetitive, but we’re done with stairs and taking lefts. All you have to do now is head all the way down this corridor until you reach a door on the right at the end (only door on the right). This will lead you into a room with the crucifix. The cross is located in the far back, to the left of the pool table. As an extra hint, the pool table holds a note that states “Crosses Burn Demons.”

The second place you can find a crucifix is at a cave entrance, on the west side of the map, right near a cluster of lakes and rivers. Though the cave entrance is harder to find, the cross in it is much easier than the last one. Once you’ve found it, simply make your way to the end of the cave where you’ll see a shadow of a cross cast on the wall. You can find the cross just a few meters in front of it.

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