Sons of the Forest | Do Trees Regrow?

Every player is wholly aware of the abundant flora that exists in Sons of the Forest: the trees. They’re just about everywhere on the island, across all biomes and cannibal-infested lands. It’s quite clear that you, Kelvin, and Virginia will need a campsite and other survival necessities as we locate the lost Puffton billionaire. And it all begins with the trees. Chopping down trees is easy to commit to, especially with Kelvin’s help. But as you continuously fortify your defenses, you might be left wondering if any of the split trees will regrow. We’ve got just the answers that you are looking for, so light up that handy torch of yours. It’s time for a quick guide on Sons of the Forest.

Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest?

Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest?

Trees can regrow to their original structure in Sons of the Forest as long as their respective stumps remain intact. Basically, whenever you chop down a tree for logs, sticks, and leaves, there will always be a stump unless you get rid of it for base-building purposes or other stationary uses. If the stump is uninterrupted, it will eventually grow back to its full size. This will take time, however; expect multiple days to pass on by.

As we briefly mentioned above, Kelvin can help you in clearing away targeted areas. He’ll chop down all trees within a certain vicinity per your written instructions, due to his loss of hearing from the crash. You can put him to work on other tasks, but he’ll also need rest, much like you when you’re in need of a break.

Of course, when it comes to collecting logs and destroying stumps, you must also be wary of the cannibals. Not only do they creepingly blend in with the woods but they have manifested core muscles to climb and hang on trees. Usually, they come in small groups. And they love to get dangerously close to any outsider. Be sure to keep a sharp eye open for any moving patterns if you’re looking to step up camp somewhere in Sons of the Forest; you never know who or what is watching you, day or night.

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