Sons of the Forest Food Bunker | Where to Find

In Sons of the Forest, the Puffton Corp has begun to construct their base of operations on a remote island. Led by multi-billionaire Edward Puffton, employees of the company went to work both on the surface and within the ground. However, the mutants and cannibals don’t necessarily agree with the newly-arrived guests of the island. In fact, they’ve killed just about all of them, leaving behind the labor that the workers were dedicated to. One such area of interest that was in its final stages of construction is the food and dining bunker that you can visit in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Food Bunker in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Food Bunker in Sons of the Forest

Spoiler Warning: While the food bunker may seem like an ordinary area at first, there’s actually some story content that might spoil the experience for certain players. Specifically, the further you go into the bunker, the more that is unveiled to you. Please read at your own discretion.

Survivors can locate the food and dining bunker by traveling to the northwest part of the remote island. A cave entrance that is north of the coffins and helicopter crash site will lead you into the abandoned facility. We’ve marked the spot on the map for you to refer to (pictured above). Keep in mind that only a portion of the bunker will be immediately accessible; further access will require a couple of vital keycards.

Players who are experiencing Sons of the Forest during its Early Access stage will notice a few changes within the food bunker. Initially, leftover food, corpses, and a certain keycard were on display. While they have remained as such, using the Maintenance keycard will allow you to explore the area in its entirety.

As you delve deeper into the area, you’ll eventually discover the dining hall at the end. It’ll be after you’ve progressed through the flooded area, with one containing a vital VIP card in a room. Loot the card, then use it on the door that leads into the dining area/cafeteria. As you approach the giant eating section, it’s quick to assume that trouble has stirred here before. An abandoned dinner is on display, as the mutated Pufftons enter the scene, springing into action. It’s here where you discover what happened to Edward and Barbara Puffton. Be ready for a fight.

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