Sons of the Forest Gate | How to Build

Although there is a lot to do in the first few hours of Sons of the Forest, constructing a base should be pretty high on your priority list. We’re not talking about a flimsy little shelter here, but rather a proper base to keep the scary mutants at bay. Preferably, you’d build a base with a proper gate, as many players appear to be struggling with this aspect of their outpost’s construction. It can be a little bit tricky. Don’t worry, though, because we’ll tell you how to build a gate just below.

How to Build a Gate in Sons of the Forest

How to Build a Gate in Sons of the Forest

To build a gate in Sons of the Forest, start by stacking seven logs horizontally on top of each other. Keep in mind that where you place these logs will be your gate entrance, so make sure it’s in a fitting location or in line with the walls of your base. On that note, it’s much easier to build the gate first, than the walls around it. Once you’ve decided where you want your gate to go, start stacking those logs.

Once you’ve done that, go up to the logs with your axe and you should see a red dotted border around the middle of the logs. Cut down this middle part on all the logs except for the very top and bottom logs. Of course, you need these as structural components for your gate. However, by chopping out the middle of the five logs in between, you are essentially cutting out the shape of a door.

Now that you’ve made the outline, you’re on the last step to making your gate. All you have to do now is bring a new log to your outline, and when you get close, it will give an on-screen prompt to cut the log in half to make a section of your gate. When you see it, simply left-click your mouse to add one-half of your door. Now just grab one more log and do the same action to complete the build.

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