Sons of the Forest Golden Armor | Where to Find

Despite how terrifying the first game was, gamers couldn’t wait to be stranded in the woods once more with Sons of the Forest. This dystopian survival sequel finds us in the same not-so-glamorous situation of crash landing in a forest home to a tribe of cannibals. So, let’s hope your survival skills are up to par, or you’ll be on the menu sooner or later. Fortunately, you can significantly increase your chances of survival with the Golden Armor. You’ll need to put in some work to find it, but the extra protection is well worth the effort.

Where to Find Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

You can find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest in an underground lab located on the right side of the large lake that sits southeast of the snowy mountain. More specifically, the base rests just south of the river that flows into the lake from the right side. Furthermore, the base location will be marked on your map by a green circle. Once you’ve found this location head there to find a cave entrance. This is the entrance to the underground base, however, you’ll need a few things to extract the Golden Armor from it.

Once you enter the cave, you’ll quickly make your way into some lab corridors that require the Maintenance Keycard to explore further. So, you’ll need the Maintenance Keycard first, which requires the shovel. Yes, it is a bit of a process. Nonetheless, once you’ve got the Maintenance Keycard, use it to enter the lab. Continue past until you come across and can interact with a yellow door. This will take you to a cutscene and after a fight with some enemies, so be prepared.

Once you’ve cleared these enemies, make your way down to the second level of the laboratory. Head past the first open door on this level and into the third room on your right. The Golden Armor will be resting on a couch in the middle of this room. Aside from the Golden Armor, you’ll want to keep progressing through this lab to acquire the Golden Mask; a crucial item tied to the game’s story.

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