Sons of the Forest Hang Glider Location | Where to Find

Sons of the Forest has already received its first patch and with it, a fresh wave of content. Aside from bug fixes, this update added a new mini-boss, binoculars, and, most importantly, hang gliders. Now you can soar from the mountaintops, soaking in the beautiful yet dangerous new landscape in the sequel. So if you’re wondering where you can get a hang glider in Sons of the Forest, keep reading to find out.

Where to Find a Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find a Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

There are several hang gliders spread across the map in Sons of the Forest. The first hang glider location can be reached by following the river that runs through the middle of the snowy mountain. You’ll find it perched above at a camp near the end of the river, before it breaks off into a lake in the center of the mountain. Two more hang gliders are resting at campsites on the snowy mountain’s north, west, and south edges. They will require some searching, but keep an eye out on the cliffs above and near campsites.

You can locate another hang glider on the northwest coast of the map, nearby where the turtles spawn. If you’re on the southwest side, you can find one that spawns just off the coast in between the two rivers on this corner of the map. The last hang glider on the west side of the map is located across the lake from the little bird helicopter crash site.

If you follow the river that runs out the east side of the snowy mountain, you can find a hang glider that spawns on the right side of the river, a bit off into the forest. Another is located at the end of the trail that sits just below the small lake in the northwestern corner. You can find the last one nearby an abandoned camp just northwest of the snowy mountain. It’s a little more difficult to find, so we recommend going with one of the others instead.

If you aren’t sure which location to search first, check out the interactive Sons of the Forest map, which you can find here. All you need to do is load up this page and type “hang glider” into the search bar. This will show you the exact location of all 10 spawns on the map.

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