Sons of the Forest | How to Beat the Game

Sons of the Forest is one of the most intriguing survival-craft horror games made in years. With the amount of content that this game offers, it’s easy to think the game will just last forever. However, the end will loom its ugly face at some point. And this game has a full ending, even in early access! But, don’t worry, it’s a doozy, and well-worth ending your run for! Let’s beat Sons of the Forest together, so you can clear it when you’re done with your first run of the game.

How to Beat Sons of the Forest

How to Beat Sons of the Forest

In order to beat Sons of the Forest, you’ll need a specific set of items equipped and in your inventory to survive the VIP Bunker dungeon. The required items include the Rebreather, Rope Gun, Cross, Shovel, Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, and the Golden Armor. Once you have all of these items, head to the VIP Bunker located in the northeast of the continent, a bit north of the eastern river. We also recommend stocking up on ammunition, healing items, and strong melee options.

The seven items required to enter the VIP Bunker are all quite tricky to find. However, we have a guide for all of them except the maintenance keycard as of the writing of this guide. Follow the above links for each item. The Maintenance Keycard is buried northwest from the mountain, where the northern river curves to the right. You will need to first obtain the Shovel before you can get this keycard.

Maintenance Keycard Location Sons of the Forest

The VIP bunker is relatively straightforward, requiring the use of all of your tools but staying linear. You take the first left and head down the stairs. Eventually, you’ll run into a strange apartment building.

Make sure you equip the full Golden Armor set, including the mask, when you get to the bathroom in the apartment building. The golden door beyond will kill you if you do not have the full set equipped. Fight your way through until you reach a tunnel that leads to a strange, Golden Cube. You’ll see some images and the current ending of the game before… Returning to the beach.

This ending is just for the early access, and should be expected to change.

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