Sons of the Forest | How to Drink Water

Survival is critical once you crash-land on the dangerous island in Sons of the Forest. Hunger strikes hard at your gut, cold weather prohibits comfort, and thirst must continuously be quenched. You’ll need to hunt for food, build a shelter for warmth, and drink water to stay afloat. However, you’re surrounded by seawater, minimizing your chances of sipping anything on the fresh spectrum. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind where certain spots can grant you access to relatively clean water. If you’re a bit lost on how you can drink water in Sons of the Forest, we can help quench your thirst.

How to Drink Water in Sons of the Forest

How to Drink Water in Sons of the Forest

While Sons of the Forest players can technically drink any source of water they encounter (except for caves), lakes, rivers, and streams provide clean places to sip in peace. Approach the water until the drink prompt appears, where you can then sip for a bit. Your thirst meter will drastically increase if you choose to swill from the bodies of water. If the prompt doesn’t appear, it might be due to your hands already being occupied with items. Therefore, quickly store them away, and drink prompt will then come into play. Otherwise, you do have other options.

One of the more notable alternatives is the presence of energy drinks that you can find throughout the island. Not only do they grant a boost to your thirsty needs, but they also generate a kick for your stamina as well. You can carry a few of them at a time, though we do recommend consuming these while spelunking with the twisted mutants.

If you’re deep in the woods and no water source can be located, try searching for the Yarrow bushes. It’s distinguished by a soft, white appearance, appearing among clusters of them within the green and haunting atmospheres. Be sure to grab as many as you can before moving on to your next task on the island.

Of course, it’d be nice to carry some water as opposed to resorting to bodies of aqua. Luckily, the 3D printer can provide such an item with the Flask, which we’ve covered with another guide.

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