Sons of the Forest | Is It Coming to Consoles?

Sons of the Forest is out now for PC players, and survival enthusiasts are already embarking on risky adventures. Time is of the essence here, with cannibals lurking within the woods as you search for a missing billionaire. The first game, simply titled The Forest, received a positive reception when it was released back in April 2018. A Ps4 version would arrive months later in November of that same year. Endnight Games has definitely brought their unique survival game to the console side, but only to an extent. Can we expect to see Sons of the Forest launch onto consoles in the near future? Or is the experience limited to the PC crowd?

Will Sons of the Forest Arrive on Console Platforms?

Will Sons of the Forest Arrive on Console Platforms?

As of now, Sons of the Forest is currently available only for PC, though the developers have stated wishes to bring the game to consoles in the future. According to an interview with GamingBolt, the developers responded to a question regarding console inclusion. Their answer: “We would love to come to console in the future, but are currently focused on delivering the best experience possible to PC players.”

The fact that The Forest eventually came to the PS4 should be a sign of hope for the Xbox/PlayStation/Switch players. Even though the first title was only ported onto one console, there’s always a chance that more can tag along. Of course, this is entirely up to Endnight Games as they continue to develop Sons of the Forest.

One way that you can stay up-to-date with the developers is to periodically visit the game’s Steam page for any announcements. A recent hotfix was deployed just hours after the February 23 release, after a multiplayer trailer was released. Additionally, you can follow their Twitter account for further updates and community engagement.

If you’re just starting out in Sons of the Forest, be sure you know where to look for some rope as you build yourself some shelter from the cannibals!