Sons of the Forest | Kelvin Companion Walkthrough

Upon crash-landing on a remote island in Sons of the Forest, it’s immediately apparent that you are not alone. Vicious mutants inhabit the strange land, wild beasts live amid the woods, and deceased Puffton workers are left to rot. While it may seem that all odds are against you, there’s another survivor from the crash that can join you in your survival. In comes Kelvin, our reliable companion in Sons of the Forest that can assist us in more ways than one.

Full Walkthrough of Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Full Walkthrough of Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Kelvin is a non-speaking, non-offensive NPC that works alongside you in Sons of the Forest. Once you wake up from the opening crash, you can revive Kelvin near the crates of loot. You’ll first notice his dull reaction to being awakened — this is due to the brain damage he’s sustained from the crash. Thus, his uses are very limited. The only way we can communicate with him is through written notes. Here’s what you can accomplish with the deaf Kelvin.

What Kelvin Can Do

Firstly, it’s extremely vital to acknowledge that Kelvin cannot fight. He will spot nearby enemies with a simple point from his finger, but that’s all he’ll do in terms of defensive actions. When trouble comes knocking at Kelvin’s front door, he’ll evade the chaos, wherein you must defend him. It’s best to keep him near you as you continuously establish your base. This is done by telling him to either follow you or to stay put somewhere on the island.

Secondly, Kelvin can be sent on retrieval tasks for you while you work on something else. He can be sent to collect logs, sticks, rocks, and fish, which can be either dropped off at a specified location or to you on the spot. Additionally, Kelvin can build fires and shelters so you won’t have to!

Thirdly, our trustworthy friend is capable of clearing small areas. Of course, all this movement will place a dent in Kelvin’s stamina, causing him to perform his tasks will less effort. Therefore, you must give him breaks in order to completely rest up.

He takes care of himself otherwise (in terms of food and water), but these notes are essential for Kelvin. He can’t explore caves with you, but you can put him to work while you do some spelunking. You can even switch out his outfit once you find the appropriate clothing articles on the island. Just be sure to keep a close on him; once Kelvin is killed, he’s gone forever – unless you load up a previously saved file, but you’ll have to be cautious when doing so due to the game’s autosaving feature.

Virginia Companion

One more note to consider is Virginia‘s inclusion in the gameplay. She acts as the second companion that will join you once she gets comfortable around you. Unlike Kelvin, she can wield weapons and take down enemies with the right arsenal. We’ve covered her in another guide, which we recommend checking out to maximize your gameplay possibilities.

Did you know that there’s a big head mode in the game? Look through your Settings to welcome a new breed of comical terror.

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