Sons of the Forest Kelvin Stuck in Water | How to Fix

Is that Kelvin going for a quick swim, or does it seem that he’s somehow stuck in water in Sons of the Forest? If survival weren’t so vital here, he might be going for a quick dip or catching some fish. However, that isn’t the case. Instead, there’s a small issue that involves our favorite survivalist companion and a body of water. It appears that players are finding him to be stuck in the water which results in no escape. In truth, being on a cannibal-infested island is already terrifying enough for solo folks, so it’s nice to have Kelvin around (or even Virginia for that matter). So, let’s get him out of the water, shall we?

How to Fix the Kelvin Stuck in Water Issue in Sons of the Forest

How to Fix the Kelvin Stuck in Water Issue in Sons of the Forest

Players can rescue Kelvin by either restarting their current game or accessing the Sons of the Forest save files. The first option can quickly remedy the glitch by placing Kelvin in a different spot upon booting up a game. For the second, you’ll need to get a little technical.

As one would have it, Steam players can essentially mess with the past in a gaming way. It all starts with navigating to the aforementioned save files for Sons of the Forest on your PC. The file should be read as default: “C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves”.

From there, you’ll proceed onward with a complex number folder. It contains both Singleplayer and Multiplayer save folders. Choose whichever is affecting your companion. Then, a new list of randomized-looking numbers will appear: these are your save files. Note the time at which you discovered Kelvin’s situation, and delete the folder with the corresponding time frame. The file before that will be your previous save.

Note: Before you go on with a deletion, save the file onto a Word document of your choosing, just to always be on the safe side. We certainly wouldn’t want any player losing a game that they didn’t mean to get rid of.

For the finale, return to Sons of the Forest for the previous save to come into play. Kelvin should be out of the water now. If not, chances are that developer Endnight Games is working on something while the game remains in Early Access on Steam.

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