Sons of the Forest Rope | How to Get

Endnight Games has returned with the highly-anticipated Sons of the Forest survival title, the sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed The Forest. While players can expect many of the mechanics to return with a polished layer, it’s always important to note where some essential items are hiding away. One such item that we have in mind is the rope, which separates into regular and zipline variants. Before the cannibals can tear you to shreds, you’ll need to dive deep into the remote island in Sons of the Forest to look for some rope.

How to Get Rope in Sons of the Forest

How to Get Rope in Sons of the Forest

Traces of lost bundles of rope are usually located in abandoned settlements and human activity where traveling comes into the picture (i.e. climbing, cave-diving, etc.). The places to search through include cave systems, enemy campsites, overlooking cliffs, and the Crash Site itself. Be on your guard as you explore these areas. Using your GPS can help with quick navigational methods if trouble is near.

If you’re just starting off in Sons of the Forest, relying on your GPS is an essential aspect of the survival experience. It pinpoints areas of interest, and it highlights unexplored sections for you to check out. Just be sure to establish a little campsite for yourself and Kelvin before you embark on any risky ventures.

Once you’ve found some rope, you can start crafting together your first rope bridge. All you need for the recipe is the aforementioned item in question and some wood. Piecing these together can help construct new pathways for you to take advantage of while you search for the missing billionaire and his family.

Of course, you can always start a new game to receive new randomized loot at the Crash Site. We actually had luck with acquiring both the regular and the zipline ropes upon booting up another game from the start. The choice is ultimately up to you, for the sake of your survival.