Sons of the Forest Sled | How to Use

Other than Hang Gliders, the Sled is the best means of transport in Sons of the Forest. It’s not only fun to ride, but it’s also your best bet for making a quick escape on the snowy mountain, as it can reach blistering speeds on the slopes. The sled, however, does not come with an instruction manual. As a result, many players are struggling to figure out how to use it once they finally get their hands on it. Don’t stress, we tell you how to use the sled right below!

How to Use Sled in Sons of the Forest

How to Use Sled in Sons of the Forest

To use the Sled in Sons of the Forest, you first need to interact with your backpack and equip it with LMB (Left Mouse Button). After that, find a steep snowy hill and once you’re at your desired starting spot, take a big jump. Then, while you’re still in the air, quickly press LMB again, and your player will hop into the sled and you will begin riding the slopes. That’s all there is to it!

With that said, the sled can be a bit frustrating depending on where you’re using it. If the slope isn’t steep enough, your player will get out of the sled and you’ll have to start the process over at a steeper point. Furthermore, steering can be difficult due to clunky and delayed controls. So, when you start gaining momentum, do your best to steer clear of any obstacles. Because the only way to get out of the sled once you’re racing down the hill is by coming to a stop, which hopefully is not from a head-on collision with a tree or rock.

What’s more, is that after you craft the sled from the 3D Printer in the underground bunker for 1,000 Printer Resin, it’s yours to keep forever. As a result, no matter how many tumbles or head-on collisions you get into, it will continue to work as if it were brand new.

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